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Signed Off for Another Year

I just got home from recurrent training in Salt Lake City.  This is a 3 day event once a year that is nerve-racking because your job depends on it.  It went very smoothly due to a great Captain Simulator partner.  It’s basically 1 day of ground training and 2 days on Simulator training and evaluation.  After we passed we went to the locale bar to have a celebration drink.  Unfortunately the kitchen was closed but they offered chips and salsa.  They were really good chips and salsa.  I was so tiered that I went straight to sleep and didn’t even remember to brush my teeth.  This morning after brushing I spit into the sink and it was red.  I was like WTF.  It was the red food coloring the chips.  That is discussing.  We don’t need food coloring in anything especially tortilla chips.

I got home early and although I was exhausted I managed to go to the gym and then go out and read by the pool for a bit.  Here is a review of the NEW Muscle Milk Cake Batter ready to drink recovery drink.

I am now relaxing on the couch watching the Travel channel and looking forward to some beverages and hanging out with friends tonight.


Hotel Toilets and Where is the Plunger

Ok most Hotels have strong toilets that will pull down just about anything.  That being said I’m at the Comfort Suites Salt Lake City airport and the toilet here can’t flush more than 2 handfuls of toilet paper.  First of all your toilet paper is that thin stuff that is worthless so I have to use twice as much. The toilet gets clogged no matter what. So where the hell is the damn PLUNGER.  Why is it that we can not have a plunger.  I was able to correct the problem with out one but wouldn’t this fix this problem?  Why do I have to call down and have someone come up to my room and see this prize piece of shit.  Just give each room a plunger.

Sequence Saturday 3 – Pinkbike.com Mountain bike meet Tour de france

Sequence Saturday 3 – Pinkbike.com.

Sad Day for the Baltimore Ravens

Not the best day but not the worst.  It started by not being able to sleep last night and waking up not feeling well.  I had recurrent training so I had to go to work but just sit there and learn.  I was upset because the Ravens game started at 1pm mountain time and we didn’t get out of class until 3.  I finally go back to the hotel around 3:30.  It was just in time for some nerve-racking football.  Every play was exciting and my blood pressure was not good.  We lost and that sucked but what an awesome game.  Congrats to the Patriots.  Now I have more studying to do for the next 2 days of recurrent simulator training and have to watch the next game.

Go Ravens


Treat Williams

Started out having a martini last night and after several assorted adult beverages I woke up this morning feeling like crap.  It funny how that happens.  I did however manage to get a Mountain Bike ride in before work with my man Dan.  Boy was it worth it.  I mean I felt like crap and my legs were screaming from my leg workout yesterday but there was some Jesus (hot woman) on the trail.  I think we saw the worlds perfect ass today.  I wish that I had a nice picture for you but my phone was in my Camelback.

Since I didn’t get a photo here is another wonderful booty.

Tonight on a flight to Salt Lake City I sat in the same row with Treat Williams. Unfortunately I did not know who he was although he looked familiar. What a down to earth nice guy. He is a pilot as well so you know how that goes, had to talk about flying.

I am so tiered so I am going to bed good night.  

Walmart Tires and Double Vagina

So 3 weeks ago I bought some nice new Goodyear tires from Walmart.  Just like everything else at Walmart nothing but problems.  One had a huge flat spot and they replaced it.  Still not right.  Getting a not so good vibration.  They change 2 more that were defective and still vibrating.  I go back and say I want 4 new ones that are a totally different brand.  Much better but still not perfect.  Maybe it something else like alignment but still much better.

On TMZ and on the radio I am hearing about an amazing woman Hazel Jones with 2 vaginas.  Soooo Excited.  Is she a side by side model or is she one in front of the other.

We may get to find out.  She has been offered a porn offer.  Please take it Hazel.  We all must know!  Now the problem here is 2 periods.  Hopefully they are at the same time if not God help her man.  I wonder if they are identical vaginas or fraternal.  Hopefully the later because then you could have two different vags in one.  Hopefully she will start a new breed of woman with 2 vaginas.  Let me know your thoughts.

Ford Focus

Just saw a commercial for the Ford focus and they were saying that She (the car) listened to them.  Let me tell you if your car was a “her” it wouldn’t do shit that you said!

Here comes My Bro

Well it official.  My brother is going to move back out to Arizona.  Thank you Sedona for making his decision even easier.  My brother came out to visit first Portland and then Phoenix.  After coming out in near perfect conditions and reunited with Me and his other friends he has decided to come back out to the Grand Canyon State.  

Being based at home has allowed my workouts to be a lot more consistent.  I love getting off of work and getting to workout before I come home.  Commuting to work in a different city really does lower your quality of life.  I am not sure why people do it for their whole careers.  

Took the dogs for a walk after my workout and I think that, although he is far from cured, Sampson is doing better with seeing other dogs.  I am not sure he is ready to walk face to face on a small sidewalk but I do feel that he is making progress.  

I believe that it is time for some relaxation and some products from New Belgium Brewery.

Go Ravens

Beautiful Morning in Yuma


Good Luck today for Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens.