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This is a story of a husband to one, a father to four, grandfather to twelve, great-grandfather to fourteen, and friend to many.

Born of German immigrants, Alvin Schultz, met his future wife at the county fair in Iowa. He and Marie were married on October 28, 1945 and resided in their comfortable home on their farm. The farm was home to cows, pigs, corn, soybeans, cats, dogs, rabbits and eventually, children. Alvin and Marie raised three boys and a girl.

Over time the children grew and had families of their own. Alvin and Marie moved into town.  Every year Alvin was asked to ride one of his beloved John Deere tractors in the 4th of July parade.  And every winter he decorated that tractor with Christmas lights in his front yard.  Alvin was known throughout town as a joker.  When walking into his house one had to be…

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Life or Death Get in Shape


I have found that most people have no idea how to eat healthy. The first problem is that most people don’t cook. It is extremely hard for you to eat healthy and eat out for almost all meals. The second problem is that people eat so much candy and artificial food that they do not enjoy the flavors of real food.
It does not take long for your taste to change after you stop eating artificial foods. Real food can be full of flavor. Healthy food can be filling and delicious but you have to take time to plan out and cook meals.
Your health effects yourself, your marriage, your family, and you country. If you think it’s ok to put on weight when you get married look at the divorce rate. You have an obligation to your spouse to stay in shape and attractive and this goes for the men too!
The picture above says it all. Make time now or suffer the consequences later. Take the time to educate yourself on healthy eating and fitness. Find a hobby that is active such as biking, tennis, hiking, etc. Get magazines such as Natural Health, Men’s Health, or Fitness RX. Go to a Naturopathic Doctor who will be able to help you get started. Lastly, get a personal trainer. Be careful here. Look for someone that is certified through: ACSM, NASM, or has a degree in exercise physiology. You have to work hard and in the beginning it is going to hurt. Man up and suck it up. After about 3-4 weeks you are going to be feeling better and enjoying the burn. I want to you to send me some before pics now and let me know your goals. You can do it! If you have questions comment or email me.

Sedona Singletrack Festival

Yesterday I went downhilling with my brother on South Mountain.  It was scary as shit but I did buy all the pads and that really helped with the fear.  We only got one run in but I think that this is going to really help my technical skills.  


Today my brother and I went to Sedona for the Singletrack Festival.  It was a blast.  We went on a group ride with Over the Edge Sports.  We went on a trail called Special Ed.  This is the descrpition on the website “A new trail on the southwest end of town, for advanced riders. Steep chunky downhills and singletrack traversing exposed bands of red rock. Loop back through Turkey Creek, Baldwin Trails, and and climb up Carroll Canyon and drop Ridge Trail back to our shop”.  It was defiantly exposed and definitely singletrack.  After feeling so good about my riding in Phoenix I felt like a beginner.  I had two awesome crashes.  One sent me directly into a Prickly Pear cactus.  I managed to save it enough where just my knee went in.  That being said I am still picking the prickles out.  The second was more serious I went over about a 4 foot ledge and the bike ended up on top of me.  No big injuries just scrapes, bruises, and thats about it.  

After calming down my riding improved.  I rode behind my brother and who pretty much killed it and I did most of what he did.  The problem is that the little that he did and I did not is what really separates me.  I did walk some of the exposure sections as the penalty for falling is severe.  I need to work on my balance to get to the next level.  Great day with my bro!


Nice Ride in Scottsdale AZ in the Snow

So I went out to explore a new area in Scottsdale called Brown’s Ranch.  It was a muddy sandy mess.  First off there are quite a few trails and I was not sure which to ride.  I ended up on a lot of dirt bike trails which are normally not exactly what you want to mountain bike on.  Basically there was a lot of deep sand.  There were however some fun downhills with nice banked corners you could rail.  It was a muddy mess but the highlight was that I got to actually ride in the snow for about 15 minutes.ImageImage

Now that I finally got all the squeaks and creeks out of my bike I am loving it.  The suspension is very efficient is doesn’t bounce like a lot of the other bikes I test rode.  Also the RockShox Revelation is great.  It is so nice to be able change from 120mm to 140 with the flip of a switch.

Back to work tomorrow but going to lift and possibly hit a little swim before I going.

Getting Back in Shape

So I have Been working out hard lately. Yesterday I went mountain biking about 12-13 miles followed by a 4 mile run. Today I lifted legs for an hour followed by a 1000 meter swim. I am feeling good. Tomorrow I am looking forward to a nice ride however I am going to be sore. I am positive of that. I signed up for the Warrior Dash on April 28th. I am pumped about it. I am also considering an Xterra triathlon race or 2 later in the year. Deuces Wild Xterra will more than likely be one of them.  I am also looking into these new All Mountain Enduro races but I don’t think there are any in AZ but there is one in Moab called the Whole Enchilada!

Arizona Birth Control Laws WTF

Ok more welfare and unemployment. More children in foster care. WTF

Huffington Post

Arizona Birth Control Bill Penalizes Women For Using Contraception For Non-Medical Reasons
Arizona legislators have advanced an unprecedented bill that would require women who wish to have their contraception covered by their health insurance plans to prove to their employers that they are taking it to treat medical conditions. The bill also makes it easier for Arizona employers to fire a woman for using birth control to prevent pregnancy despite the employer’s moral objection.

Under current law, health plans in Arizona that cover other prescription medications must also cover contraception. House Bill 2625, which the state House of Representatives passed earlier this month and the Senate Judiciary Committee endorsed on Monday, repeals that law and allows any employer to refuse to cover contraception that will be used “for contraceptive, abortifacient, abortion or sterilization purposes.” If a woman wants the cost of her contraception covered, she has to “submit a claim” to her employer providing evidence of a medical condition, such as endometriosis or polycystic ovarian syndrome, that can be treated with birth control.

Moreover, according to the American Civil Liberties Union, the law would give Arizona employers the green light to fire a woman upon finding out that she took birth control for the purpose of preventing pregnancy.

“The bill goes beyond guaranteeing a person’s rights to express and practice their faith,” Anjali Abraham, a lobbyist for the ACLU, told the Senate panel, “and instead lets employers prioritize their beliefs over the beliefs, the interests, the needs of their employees, in this case, particularly, female employees.”

The sponsor of the bill told the committee that it is intended to protect the First Amendment right to religious liberty.

“I believe we live in America,” said Majority Whip Debbie Lesko (R-Glendale), who sponsored the bill. “We don’t live in the Soviet Union. So, government should not be telling the organizations or mom-and-pop employers to do something against their moral beliefs.”

Lesko’s bill resembles recent efforts on the federal level to repeal the Obama administration’s contraception mandate, which requires most employers to cover contraception with no co-pay for their employees. Obama’s rule has a broad religious exemption that allows faith-based organizations to opt out of covering birth control and shifts the burden of coverage over to the insurer in those cases. But many conservatives, including Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), are not satisfied with the exemption and believe all employers should be able to opt out of covering any kind of health service to which they morally object.

Lesko’s bill is different from the controversial amendment Blunt proposed, in that it differentiates between birth control used for medical reasons and birth control used to prevent pregnancy. If the new law goes into effect, it will force female employees who can’t afford to pay full price for birth control to share private, sometimes embarrassing medical information with her employer in order to get her prescription covered.

Lisa Love, a Glendale, Ariz., resident, testified before the committee about her polycystic ovarian syndrome in order to make a point about how private and personal the issue can be.

“I wouldn’t mind showing my employer my medical records,” she said, “but there are ten women behind me that would be ashamed to do so.”

The bill now moves to the state Senate for a full vote.


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First Day Back

Well it’s my first day back to work in a week and my first 4 day trip in like 2 and a half months. I have to show at 8:10 am but I wanted to get a workout in before work. I set my alarm for 4am and only pressed snooze 1 time. Since I got my new mountain bike I have been neglecting to gym and boy did I feel that.
I did a full body workout which kills me. I like split routines but generally don’t lift enough to do them. I got a long day ahead of me but feeling good now that I started my day off right.

Louis Garneau and Unicycling

Not to happy with Louis Garneau.  After changing the meeting time and date 3 times I was totally stood up.  Let me say one thing.  In life never assume that your time is more valuable than someone else’s.  I actually planned my day around these meetings and yes I understand things happen but this was a true lack of respect.

Saturday was pretty awesome!  First a morning mountain bike ride to make sure I get my exercise then off to a demo day for Specialized Bikes so Danny could check out an Enduro.  My bike was great except that is had a leak in the back tire.  I had to pump it up about 10 times cause I only had a 29er tube.  Oh wait I also had a dropper seat post that dropped on its own.  When you put it back up you better watch out.  It shot up like a rocket.  Danny tested the shit out of his bike.   It was a perfectly good bike when we started and by the end the seat post was bent like a boomerang.  He was bucking like a bronco.  Drew didn’t like the bike at all.  For some reason he said it felt totally sketchy.  I thought it was a fun bike overall but don’t but a specialized dropper seat post and replace the seat post.

Lastly that night we went to another one of Cat and Danny’s awesome BBQs.  The brisket that comes off of that grill is totally amazing.  It cooked for 14 hours.  I also attempted unicycling.  NOT GOOD!

Meeting with Louis Garneau

I have been working on a new concept for cycling shorts that will drastically improve comfort for men. Today I have a meeting with Louis Garneau. I am hoping that even know there is a lot of engineering to still be done they will like my concept. I with I could share the videos and pics with you guys but I Gotto keep it on the DL.