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Pleasing Your Partner


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Merry Christmas


Life or Death Get in Shape


I have found that most people have no idea how to eat healthy. The first problem is that most people don’t cook. It is extremely hard for you to eat healthy and eat out for almost all meals. The second problem is that people eat so much candy and artificial food that they do not enjoy the flavors of real food.
It does not take long for your taste to change after you stop eating artificial foods. Real food can be full of flavor. Healthy food can be filling and delicious but you have to take time to plan out and cook meals.
Your health effects yourself, your marriage, your family, and you country. If you think it’s ok to put on weight when you get married look at the divorce rate. You have an obligation to your spouse to stay in shape and attractive and this goes for the men too!
The picture above says it all. Make time now or suffer the consequences later. Take the time to educate yourself on healthy eating and fitness. Find a hobby that is active such as biking, tennis, hiking, etc. Get magazines such as Natural Health, Men’s Health, or Fitness RX. Go to a Naturopathic Doctor who will be able to help you get started. Lastly, get a personal trainer. Be careful here. Look for someone that is certified through: ACSM, NASM, or has a degree in exercise physiology. You have to work hard and in the beginning it is going to hurt. Man up and suck it up. After about 3-4 weeks you are going to be feeling better and enjoying the burn. I want to you to send me some before pics now and let me know your goals. You can do it! If you have questions comment or email me.

Jealous Women

I have been hearing more and more about jealous women.  One guy I know has a wife that refuses to let him watch porn. LOL.  This is so funny because now he probably watches more than he ever would have if she didn’t say anything.  Women there is no guy out there that doesn’t watch it and if there is you probably don’t want to be with him because he probably has no sex drive at all.  Porn should not offend you.  It is not meant to replace you and we do not watch it because there is something wrong with you (unless the relationship is horrible).  Oh and by the way many women watch it too.  However why don’t more women watch it? Probably because of the ugly ass men that are in it.

Next I have a friend who got some high-end, lets call them glamour shots done.  She posted a few classy ones on her Facebook page and had a friend tell her to take them down because she didn’t want her husband to see them.  These were fully clothed classy shots.  This girl either has a cheating husband or is extremely jealous.  Personally I would have told her to F off.  It is not my problem that I look better.

Can’t we all just get a long.

Guys that put up with women like this I am not sure if I feel bad for you or not.  On the one hand you probably knew about this from the beginning of your relationship in which case you could have said this is me take it or leave it.  On the other hand maybe you have been with her for a while and now all of a sudden she has turned into this jealous, possessive person (not likely).  My advice is to get out.  She either has a real self-esteem problem or doesn’t trust you!  Either way it’s all down hill unless you take some drastic measures.  I do think that you could save the relationship but it’s probably not worth it unless you are married and you make more money than her. LOL


THIS IS WHAT YOU SHOULD BE WAKING UP TO!  WTF HE IS SLEEPING THROUGH THIS!  Women this is how you lower the porn watching!

How to be a Good Man During the Holidays

The holidays are a very hard time to get along with the enemy (wife/girlfriend).  From about Halloween – New Years they have these new radio stations that play Christmas music.  I can get through about 2-3 songs and then I am ready to move on.  That being said women love this stuff.  Their car will even have a preset for it.  You could go on a 3 hour trip and if you didn’t say I am about to die if I hear another song, you would listen to it for the whole ride.  This will be your first down fall (asking to change the station).  Next you better get thought lights up!  I am lucky.  I am in a condo so I just have to do is put them around my garage and that takes about 5 minutes because I leave the hooks up year round.  Next is inside the house.  You need a tree if you are celebrating Christmas and a Menorah if you are Celebrating Hanukkah.  The Jewish men have always won, until now!  Introducing “The MAN’S Christmas Tree.”

Now your partner will probably want to put out the rest of the holiday decoration themselves because we will surely not know what to do with that table runner and the bowl of glass balls.

So basically do your best to help out!

Teaching Your Wife to Mountain Bike

Ok Lets try this post again.  I got finished on the iPhone app last night and was looking up a word and then it froze.

Yesterday of was another amazing day in Phoenix and my wife Erin said she wanted to go Mountain Biking.  Wow!  She has gone about 3 or 4 time since she got the bike 3 years ago.  We decided on Pima and Dynamite which according to Cosmic Ray Fat Tire Mountain bike guide it is a “puck 2”.  Not too scary but it is a fun trail.  Erin now disagrees. Erin also used the F bomb like I have never heard before.

She fell twice.  That not bad at all considering how sandy and loose it is.  After the second fall where she got hurt she got mad and although appeared not to have fun she became a much improved rider.

Patience is the key to teaching your wife anything.  I do not have patience.  I think that I did very good though.  I complimented her anytime she did something hard.  I tried to just explain what she was doing wrong when things didn’t go so well.  When you are good at something that does not mean you are a good teach.  Although I think we had a successful day I am still not a good teacher.

Erin’s Comments


No you just can’t let that jungle grow.  Women are pissed!  They don’t like your nasty swam sack. You have to groom it if you want to get some on a regular basis.  Yea in the old days you might be able to get away with an amazon jungle but this is not the old days.  Things have changed and not only women need to groom.  Now you may be saying, “where do I start?”  Start by asking your partner what they like.  No point in shaving your gorilla chest if she is an animal lover.

Ok now you have three main options: shaving, waxing, and a laser.



  1. Variable length
  2. Pain free (until you get an ingrown hair)
  3. cheap


  1. Ingrown Hairs
  2. Not permanent
  3. Grows Back fast



  1. Very smooth
  2. Takes a while to grow back


  1. Wholy SHIT it hurts (especially bellow the belly button)
  2. Not permanent
  3. $$
  4. Depending on the area you are going to really get to know the waxer
  5. In a brazilian they don’t wax the sack



  1. Permanent
  2. Smooth
  3. Not very painful


  1. $$$$$$$$$$ Look for a GROUPON
  2. All or Nothing

So there are probably some parts better for one treatment and other parts better for other treatments.  For instance bikers, shaving your under carriage and then riding for hours can lead to a painful and flat out nasty looking groin area.  I would recommend trimming (put that old number 1 on the trimmer) or laser.  Also if you have a super hairy chest you might get sick of shaving and need waxing (the more hair the more pain) or laser.

This Norelco Bodygroom electric razor is a great option.  Close shave with almost no ingrown hairs. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Basically what I am saying is if your woman likes things groomed, do it and you will thank me.

P.S. For you macho guys if your trim it, it will look bigger and better!

P.P.S. To the women that read this you are welcome.

Gifts for Your Woman

Best Gifts for your Woman:

You-Without you she wouldn’t get any gift.  You offer a lot, mostly sex!

Lingerie-Victoia’s Secret has done wonders for us.  You can get her lingerie that turns you on and she still thinks its a great gift for her.  Also they put on a great fashion show that some how we are allowed to watch no questions asked. Don’t forget Frederick’s of Hollywood.

Hatachi Magic Wand- Best vibrator or “messager” ever made.

Icebreaker Workout Clothing- These garments are made of extremely soft Merino Wool.  They have something for everyone on your list.  I have several pieces from them and love it all.

Yoga- This is another great gift that benefits you as much as her.  Think about it.  You give her 30 days of yoga and you get back a highly flexible women.  Think of what you could do with that.  Actually might want to get 3 months to make sure you get a good return on investment.

iPad- how can you go wrong.  No matter what she wants “there is an app for that”.