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Bear grease

This is what I have been trying to say. It brings back the feeling of riding when you were a kid


Nathan at Petrie’s found out we were spending the long weekend in Grand Marais MN (not trying out my new bike camping gear due to rainy cold forecasts) so he lent us his Salsa Beargrease and the shop’s demo Salsa Mukluk for a tear through the Minnesota shoreline and forests. I rode the Mukluk on my snow fat bike adventure so this time I took the Beargrease. Carbon, trail bike, huge tires, great SRAM components, coming in at 26 lbs (though Nate met a guy that got his down to 20) and the most fun I’ve ever had on a mountain bike.

Beargrease in the wild
I have exactly zero experience trail riding. The few times I’ve done it to reach a campsite or two on trails one step under a fire road, my death grip on the bars gave me hand cramps. The fat tires completely negate this stress…

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Ducati 848 – Termignoni Full Exhaust

Dream man caves : theCHIVE

Dream man caves : theCHIVE.

Every man deserves an epic man cave (32 Photos)


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How can you get good enough at this to get sponsors.  Forget the price of upgrading the car every time you practice you need 4 tires minimum.

Stock engine

1.6 Duratec® Ti-VCT I-4 engine

With 120 horsepower and 112 lb.-ft. of torque, the standard 1.6-liter twin independent variable cam timing (Ti-VCT) Duratec® I-4 engine is engineered for quick sprints.

I want to see him in a stock Fiesta

Words of a Pilot

Great pilot joke donated from my friend Steve

Words of a Pilot

During a commercial airline flight an experienced Air Force Pilot was 

seated next to a young mother with a babe in arms. When the baby began 

crying during the descent for landing, the mother began nursing the 

infant as discreetly as possible.

The pilot pretended not to notice, and, upon disembarking, he gallantly 

offered his assistance to help with the various baby-related items.

When the young mother expressed her gratitude, the pilot responded, 

“Gosh, that’s a good looking baby, and he sure was hungry!”

Somewhat embarrassed, the mother explained that her pediatrician said 

that the time spent on the breast would help alleviate the pressure in 

the baby’s ears.

The Air Force Pilot sadly shook his head, and in true pilot fashion 


“And all these years, I’ve been chewing gum.”

HD People Are Awesome / Amazing Humans 1080P – YouTube

via HD People Are Awesome / Amazing Humans 1080P – YouTube.

Isle of Man. Amazing race.

Brake Banzeen!


Al Jazeera Corespondent has produced a one-hour documentary on the Isle of Man TT, a motorcycle race considered to be the one of the world’s most dangerous competitions. The Isle of Man TT: A Dangerous Addiction film talks about the race’s history, how it’s still held on public roads and how riders safety is touch-and-go. Watch the documentary after the jump.

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New Years Resolutions

The new year brings a chance to reassess your life and what is important. It allows you to make changes and set new goals. 2012 has been a great year.  I got an amazing Mountain Bike


We went on a cruise to Mexico


I realize that I need some new challenges. In 2012 only set one goal and that was to get my weight down to 165lbs for the Santa Barbara Triathlon.  I did it and had an amazing race.  I had my fastest run in any distance triathlon.  I only had a 5k where I had a faster pace.


This year I need more. I have been mentally bored and need some new challenges.

2013 Goals

1. Complete The Mount Lemmon Marathon “The Worlds Toughest Marathon”


2.Get to 160 by the Marathon April 28th I am currently 172.

3.Create a plan to grow the audience for both of my blogs Vigor of Life, The Man Pub, and The Man Pub podcast to 1000 each.

4. Get 3000 followers on twitter @vigoroflife and @themanpub

5. Take a blogging course

6. Get back to learning Japanese

I actually think this is quiet a bit.  I hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Years I will be working but that’s ok.