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How can you get good enough at this to get sponsors.  Forget the price of upgrading the car every time you practice you need 4 tires minimum.

Stock engine

1.6 Duratec® Ti-VCT I-4 engine

With 120 horsepower and 112 lb.-ft. of torque, the standard 1.6-liter twin independent variable cam timing (Ti-VCT) Duratec® I-4 engine is engineered for quick sprints.

I want to see him in a stock Fiesta


Felix Baumgartner’s Top Freefalls

Felix Baumgartner’s Top Freefalls

What an amazing person.


Dr. Z and Bitterman Podcast

We talk about important life issues.  In today’s show we talk about people that have expensive cars that feel they need a huge sticker to let you know what it is, how toilet protectors affect our lives, why milk hormones only benefit women, what happen to the receptionist that killed herself over putting a prank call through to Princess Kate, the difference between face soap and body soap, and why women don’t like balls.

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Jolene’s Christmas Gifts

So I have a wonderful “Christian” neighbor that hates me, my brother, my wife, and my dogs. She doesn’t talk to us about anything her solutions to all problems are either call the cops or the HOA. Keep in mind the HOA has never found any problems with us. Also I feel like she could ask us one time to quiet down on the weekends before calling the cops. The cops should fine her for wasting their time. She has my phone number. The biggest problem for her is she never leaves the house. So I have decided what she needs for Christmas.


Rx- apply nipple clamps and a generous quantity of ky and ride 2-3 times a day for as long as needed until an intense feeling “orgasm” occurs. Yes, it needs to be this big. She needs to get that funk out that has built up over the years and is causing the anger. If still not happy after 7 days join Match.com and start fucking real people. If that doesn’t work you might be a lesbian. If still not happy your just a bitch.
Try shoving this in your ass!

C Dog

Princess Kate’s Nurse

WTF! A nurse killed herself after putting a prank call through to Princess Kate. The radio station is even giving money to the family. Do you really believe this is why she killed herself? Bullshit! There had to an underlying problem. She was already depressed. I feel sorry for the family but how dare them blame the DJs that made the call. I thought this crap only happened in the U.S. but hey we are dependents from England so I guess that’s where we get it from. I am going to talk with Dr. Z about this and see what he has to say about this but I have a good feeling he will agree.

Friday Night Chill


Friday night I first met up with my brother and some friends at Mellow Mushroom.  This place has a great happy hour, great pizza, and great beer.  Oh but they got rid of Rouge.  That sucks.  Rouge brewery is my favorite and they carried quite a few of their beers.  Oh well we decided to go to BevMo and pick up some Cigars and Liquor and chill at home.


The night was going great I got a Cigar ahead of time at Ambassador Cigars.  These guys were extremely helpful and friendly.  They had a huge selection as well.    I got an Angelenos I think it was the Grand Toro.  It was a mild and very nice cigar.  I had alongside some Knob Creek Bourbon.  We were having a great time singing songs and making videos.

Oh yeah I broke this by accident and then destroyed it on purpose.


Then the bitch neighbor called the cops.  Why not ask us to quiet down first?   Oh and by the way We were listening to Pandora B.B. King and Elton John channels.  Come on.  Its friday night granted it was 10:00 but I think 1 warning first would be nice.  She hate us so much that she can’t even say hey could you quiet down.

The officer was very nice although my brother was trying to hassle him a bit but in the end he just asked us to bring it inside.

Later Erin arrived and joined in with some nice Martinis although she forgot that she gave blood earlier and ended up a little more intoxicated than she intended.  Her next day was not good.

This wonderful neighbor moved in about a year ago and was a bitch from the beginning.  Let me explain something.  If you have problems with your neighbors talk to them about it.  She always goes to the owners of the condo who like us so that doesn’t help her or attempts to go to the HOA which found none of the problems she described to them.  This is a mother of two that never leaves the house.  She works from home and only leave to take the kids to school.  I did find out and I can not say what is happening yet but karma is coming to her soon.   A little birdie told me a secret and I am so excited.

Saturday was pretty awesome Goaz Motorcycle dealership had a nice customer appreciation day with free food music and a fashion show.  I wish I had some pics to show you the models were off the chain but the will probably post them on their Facebook page soon.

Sunday I was back on the Duc.  Drew and I went up to Natural Bridge State park.  I was a bit of a cold ride on the was up but we had a great hike and warmer ride home.


Puff, Puff, Pastry and Pizza

Last night was a nice guys night.  It started out with a Papa Murphy’s pizza that I transformed in to The Man Pub’s pizza.  I added puff pastry to the top.  BAM

We also started out with some Deschutes Obsidian Stout which is just an amazing beer.  It is not a super thick stout but it has a full flavor of chocolate and espresso.

Next it was outside to enjoy a couple of cigars, Glemorangie Scotch, a local beer from Sleepy Dog Brewery in Tempe, AZ.  Another great beer that Drew picked out.  

I had a Gurkha Grand Reserve Cigar which was awesome.  it is a light cigar that is infused in cognac.  Drew wanted a more full body cigar, so he thought.  He was at a cigar bar and they wouldn’t even let him buy a full body cigar because they said he wouldn’t like it.  Of course now that’s all he wants.  I got him a medium-full body cigar, a Cubita Spanish Market Selection Churchill.  It was a bit much.  I mean he thought it was ok but he really liked mine.  I didn’t enjoy the Cubita it was just over the top.

My friend came over and told us a story that happen earlier that day.  He went on a call to replace a toilet in a brand new house.  He asked why and she said one of the workers make have used it.  Where do these bitches come from?  What  if she is out in public and has to take a shit?  Does she go on vacation, what then?  Another good night!

This morning I was up early to enjoy the Phoenix Mountain on the RIP 9 with my friend Tommy.  We had a great ride with great climbs and awesome downhills.  It was a little cooler but the humidity was up to 57% which in the desert is pretty high.

Shake Weight? Maybe!

Here are some great YouTube videos for you to enjoy.

Happy Mother’s Day

Podcast 4


Japanese Vending Machines

In Japan there is really nothing that you can not find in a vending machine.  You can buy almost any kind of food from noodles to Kobe beef.  The drink selection is absolutely amazing.  You can get everything from green tea to Coke to hot or cold coffee to juice all in the same machine.  I loved buying the hot coffee cans.  Best of all you can get beer!  Vending machines are everywhere because unlike the US Japanese citizens do not vandalize and steel everything that is outside.  What a concept!

One vending machine that I just found out about that even to me is a bit gross is women’s used underwear.  Now I am probably hornier than average and I just can’t figure this out.  I mean I know they put an amazingly hot girl on the box but do you really think she it the girl who wore them?  It’s probably like phone sex.  She may sound amazing but she weighs a good 350 with facial hair and hasn’t taken a shower in a week.  At about $50 that is a big risk.  I would love this job though.  I mean you prob get free underwear and then a pay check when you turn your underwear in at the end of the week.  If any of you want a pair of let me know I will do a pair for $30.  Below is a video of these vending machines.

Girls Panty Vending Machine in Japan! – Watch More Funny Videos