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My Tank is Dying.

I have been treating my tank because I have a Blue Hippo Tank that had cloudy eye.  I was using Melafix (tea tree oil) to treat because it is the only reef safe medication.  Today is day 5 and I was thinking that the tang “T-shirt” would probably not make it.  To my surprise not only the tang died but the yellow wrasse “Chiquita” and my flame angel “Flame” as well.  I tested all of the water and all water parameters were good.  I just called my local fish store Aquatouch and they said it was either due to low O2 or an aggressive bacteria.  Probably need to change the UV bulb.  Still the other fish were 100% last night.  Also the copepods that live in the gravel were all dead as well and he said that the bacteria generally doesn’t bother crustaceans.  So who knows.  I is not a good morning.

I hope everything else pulls threw.  I don’t hear my pistol shrimp clicking so thats not good.


Workout and Pipeline Porter

It was a great day!  Went to 24 Hour Fitness and worked out.  I was actually impressed to see one good Trainer.  Yesterday I was at different one and witness the worst set of Personal Trainers ever.  People watching is what gets me through these workouts.  I am normally scanning for the hot half-naked girls but most of the time I go at 10-11 am so that’s not exactly what I get to see.  I am normally looking at the oldest or biggest person in spandex.  Next it was time to relax.  I was hoping to go Mountain Biking but I was so tiered.  I choose to take the dogs for a 2 mile walk instead.

I have been working on some obedience issues with my Olde English Bully Sampson.  I think that the reading I have done is actually paying off.  He is being much better behaved during our walks and at home.  We walked about 2 miles and both Paddington and Sampson did great.

Now I am sitting dow and enjoying a Pipeline porter from Hawaii while writing this and watching at my awesome reef tank.

What are your favorite Beers?