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Treat Williams

Started out having a martini last night and after several assorted adult beverages I woke up this morning feeling like crap.  It funny how that happens.  I did however manage to get a Mountain Bike ride in before work with my man Dan.  Boy was it worth it.  I mean I felt like crap and my legs were screaming from my leg workout yesterday but there was some Jesus (hot woman) on the trail.  I think we saw the worlds perfect ass today.  I wish that I had a nice picture for you but my phone was in my Camelback.

Since I didn’t get a photo here is another wonderful booty.

Tonight on a flight to Salt Lake City I sat in the same row with Treat Williams. Unfortunately I did not know who he was although he looked familiar. What a down to earth nice guy. He is a pilot as well so you know how that goes, had to talk about flying.

I am so tiered so I am going to bed good night.  


Chris Rock – How not to get your ass kicked by the police!

How to Escape from Handcuffs

I saw this on YouTube and I thought that this is something that we all needed to know.  Imagine that you are having a good time with your woman and she suggests handcuffs.  You are probably like, “damn this is what I’m talking about”.  However, what if you lose the key, she leaves you there, or goes Lorena Bobbit on your ass.  You need to get out of the cuffs, if you are lucky enough to escape.  I mean if she cuts it off I just want to bleed to death but otherwise you got to get out of those cuffs.  So here is how to do it.

My Ass


Here is my ass print. For all to enjoy! Goodnight.