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New Ducati! Ride Home from Denver to Phoenix with Triple D

Some of you may have seen this post on my other blog but this is perfect for The Man Pub! This was back in October

I have been wanting a new motorcycle ever since I sold my last one a year ago. I had a Ducati 848 superbike and it was super fast. I missed going out on rides in the nice weather just to get away for a bit. As my friend Veronika said to me after telling her my hobbies “you are an adrenaline junkie.” I never really thought of that but she may be right. I ride road bikes, mountain bikes, motorcycles, and fly airplanes.  Hmmm.  Well I will say it may be true but I am still on the low-end because you are never going to see me hitting a 40 foot jump on my mountain bike or anything that extreme.  I do think though that if things don’t scare you they are not really fun.  Would you go on a roller coaster if you didn’t have a little fear?  NO! You would say that it looks like a kids ride.  Moving on Last week I found a deal I cold not pass up.  The problem was that the bike was in Denver.  So I just hoped on a plane the next day.  I stated out by taking the Super Shuttle to Loveland and that didn’t go well since I missed the first shuttle and was standing 20 feet from it.  Hey Drivers call out where you are going and not in an indoor voice!  Next it was on to Northern Colorado Euro Motorcycles.  They had already ran my credit and had everything ready to go.   I was in and out in 30 minutes.  Amazing.  Best buying experience ever.

My Baby.  1700 miles!  2010 Ducati Streetfighter 1098.  155hp Nice!  I have 800 miles to go.  I started by visiting my friend Lara and we went to The Ale House Denver and got

Peanut Butter, Jelly and Bacon hamburgers.  Genius,  They were amazing. Oh and yes that is 4 cheese mac and cheese.  I am a health nut as you can see.

Ok now its time to get some quality time with my new girl.  This is no quick its 800 miles of hard riding.  I first start out west on I-70.  It got cold down to about 37 degrees.  I was prepared Lara took me to REI to get a neck warmer and hand warmers for my gloves.

The scenery was amazing.  I rode through Vail, Copper, Breckenridge, and more.  I was on a road that curved back and forth through a canyon with railroad tracks on one side.

In Gran Junction I got sick of carrying a back pack and bought a tail bag and life got drastically better.  I then met my Dad, nicknamed Triple D (Dilly, Dally, Dave) in Moab and we had a great dinner.  We then drove to our “quaint” hotel which I was told by Triple D was 30 miles away.  It was actually 60 and I made it 55 before I ran out of gas.  Triple D to the rescue.  He when and got some 91 octane to get me the next 5 miles.

Then next morning we had a great breakfast at The Peace Tree Juice Cafe.   We then set out after getting some tire sealant for Dad.  After about 60 mile we encountered a hail storm and extreme wind which we thought might blow us over.  We went back to a gas station less than a mile away and sat out the storm.  Triple D was soaked. in his mesh summer gear and it was only in the 50s.  Dad had a great idea to go to a laundry mat and throw the wet stuff in a dry.

We were then off again toward Monument Valley.  It was very windy.  Lots of the time we had to drive slow and the rest of the time Dad wanted to slow so basically we went slow.  I had to pay special attention for Triple D’s inability to drive at a steady speed.  When we arrived in monument boy did we get a treat.  The view was spectacular.

Off to Kayenta where we were force to stop for over an hour while a storm passed by.  As we approached Flagstaff it was now dark and the temp was dropping fast down to 41 degrees.  When we stopped for dinner I realized Triple D had the early signs of hypothermia.  I can believe he made it that far with what he was wearing.  We decided that we would stay the night so I texted Erin to tell her.  She replied with will you be home for work in the morning?  Work?  I don’t have work.  Shit!  Well I dropped my Dad off at the hotel and continued on my way back to Phoenix alone.  What a great adventure with my Dad.  Awesome time can’t wait to do it again. 


2 Bikes 1 Day

This morning my friend Ryan let me borrow his Ducati monster.  Bob and I went on a nice breakfast ride and had breakfast at Cave Creek Coffee Company aka C4.  C4 has the best coffee and chorizo breakfast burritos in Phoenix.  What an awesome feeling having an Italian machine back between my legs.  I can’t wait till I can go back to GOAZ and buy a new motorcycle.

Around 3 o’clock Drew and I got on the Gnar Gnar shuttle at South Mountain and started off riding Geronimo.   The 1st ride could have went better.  I broke my rear brake lever right at the beginning.

Luck for me there was still enough left to ride.  We then moved on to Holbert which is a chunky mess.  I did have to walk a few sections but overall it went great.  This was very encouraging.  We decided to do Geronimo one more time and it went much better.  We got to ride with Gene Hamilton from betterride.net.  What a pleasure he was a great down to earth guy.  No big crashes today.  Tomorrow back out on the cross-country trails.  I am loving this bike it does everything.

Italy What Happened?

When you think of things from Italy what do you picture?  I think of Lamborghini, Ferrari, Ducati, Aprilia,Versace, and more.

Then you have Fiat!

What the HELL is this?  It isn’t beautiful.  It isn’t fast!  What is it?   Was this designed by some art failure that couldn’t let go?  I am so confused.  I think the Italian government should pay Fiat to move their company to Poland or something.

Ducati Factory

Electric Motorcycles

I recently needed to sell my pride and joy, a Ducati 848 motorcycle.

That bike was absolutely amazing.  When I saw it at the dealership I was instantly sold.  It was 1.5 years old in mint conditions with carbon pipes.  It’s a Ducati do I even need to tell you how it sounded when I started it up?  There is no better sound!  It was loud but not obnoxious, well maybe a little LOL.  No matter what motorcycle you have the sound of starting it up and the smell of the toxic fumes are part of the experience.  Riding in the mountains and coming out of a corner with a 1000 foot cliff on one side and opening the throttle is the ultimate feeling.  It’s the combination of the low growl, vibration, and acceleration.  Can you imagine turning that corner twisting the throttle and hearing silence?  I realize that gas is expensive and we need to be green but I can not imagine riding an electric motorcycle.  No fumes and no noise just complete silence.  What are your thoughts?  Has anyone tried one?  I know my next bike is still going to run on high-octane CO2 producing gas!