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Electric Motorcycles

I recently needed to sell my pride and joy, a Ducati 848 motorcycle.

That bike was absolutely amazing.  When I saw it at the dealership I was instantly sold.  It was 1.5 years old in mint conditions with carbon pipes.  It’s a Ducati do I even need to tell you how it sounded when I started it up?  There is no better sound!  It was loud but not obnoxious, well maybe a little LOL.  No matter what motorcycle you have the sound of starting it up and the smell of the toxic fumes are part of the experience.  Riding in the mountains and coming out of a corner with a 1000 foot cliff on one side and opening the throttle is the ultimate feeling.  It’s the combination of the low growl, vibration, and acceleration.  Can you imagine turning that corner twisting the throttle and hearing silence?  I realize that gas is expensive and we need to be green but I can not imagine riding an electric motorcycle.  No fumes and no noise just complete silence.  What are your thoughts?  Has anyone tried one?  I know my next bike is still going to run on high-octane CO2 producing gas!