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Into the Wild

This past weekend we went backpacking in the Superstition Mountains.  Friday was supposed to be the easy night.  We stayed at Canyon Lake Campground and Marina.  Cooking the hamburgers on a grate (that we had to supply) was not as easy as it looks.  We lost many hamburgers to the fire.  The bathrooms here were disgusting. Oh an did I mention there were street lights that never go off.  That being said we were on the water, the beer was cold, and the s’mores were delicious.

Saturday morning we loaded up our packs and were off on Boulder Canyon trail into the wild.  Hiking is very different with a 40lb backpack.  We picked one of the hottest days of the year to hike in.  Erin says it was 95.  We encountered some wild life along the way and the girls flipped out.  I am not saying I love rattlesnakes but you would have thought a mountain lion was ready to strike.  5 minutes later another one rattles at us and this one was a giant.  Now even I am like this could be ugly.  I mean I don’t care that they are there but are they really everywhere.  Rob and I went ahead and checked for  snakes on the path down to the dry creek.  We hiked up the creek and finally stopped for some rest.  We set up some tarps that provided a bit of shade and were thinking of camping there.  Luckily 2 other hikers walked by and said that there were pools of water up ahead.  They even gave us some iodine tablets so we could drink it.

One the way to the water my shoes gave way.

This is where we set up camp.  

We boiled water and made our freeze-dried dinners as well as hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps.  In the middle of the night I am told that there was an animal rumbling around the camp site and Drew thought the mountain lions was there for him.  We never actually saw any animals around there except a box turtle earlier that was very mad that I picked him up.

The next morning we were up early to try to get back before it got hot.  We got back a lot faster but I am not going to lie my legs were trashed along with my shoes!

What a blast!  Guys always think that we are capable of living with nothing out in the wild but for most of us we would die.  I would maybe last a week if conditions are perfect and I didn’t have to rely on the survival guide that my brother downloaded to his iPhone which even included what to do if zombies attack!


Damn Auto Correct

We have all sent people text messages that did not mean what we actually wrote.  iPhone is very good at changing a misspelled word into an inappropriate word.  Check out this awesome webpage.