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Ironman Japan 70.3- “Our eldest athlete Hiromu Inada, just crossed the line. His words to me: “I am too late”. My answer: “You have  , 40 minutes you nailed it”. See you in Kona Hiromu and watch out Lew Hollander, a speedy Japanese gentleman is now in your age group!” I looked him up and he is 80 years old.  That is my idol Hiromu you are my hero


Running Gear

So I went for a run yesterday and my bluetooth headphones were in the car so I just grabbed the good old stock iPhone headphones.  BOO!  Here is some of my favorite workout gear.  I had to keep adjusting them.  So annoying.

Under Armour– I like the tight compression shirts.  First of all they are so comfortable but second on long runs the tight shirts assure no chaffing or rubbing.  I also really like the compression shorts and running shorts.  That being said the compression shorts have a tag that will rub your back raw. GRRRRR

Mizuno Shoes–  I have tried many different shoes but when I went to Mizuno my injuries went away.  I have tried others but always went back.

Icebreaker Clothing– I love this company.  They make all of their clothes out of Merino Wool.  There socks are awesome as well as their shirts.  I wish I could say that I tried more of their stuff but it is very $$$$$$.

Bodyglide– AHHHHHH!  It prevents all chaffing.  If you are doing any long training this is a must!!!

Jaybird Bluetooth Headphones– These are great.  There are no wires to connect to your phone.  The wire that goes from the left to right occasionally is annoying if you turn your head a lot but nothing compared to the normal long wire headphones.  Also you need to were your bluetooth device on you right side because you body easily blocks the signal.

Nathan Hydration Belts–  These belts do not slush like the ones that hold big water bottles.  The small bottles allow you to take one for a 4-5 mile run and 2-3-4 for a longer run.  The other upside is that you can put water in some and a sports drink in the others.  There is also a pocket for gu or stinger waffles!

Road ID– Be safe and wear a Road ID.  I know too many people who have been hit by cars running and biking.

Sole Sports Running Store– This is a great store with an awesome owner.  I just love this place.  The sell you what you need not the most expensive items.  Lance the owner is a great guy.  During group runs he is not to good to run and have conversations with the people in the back.

These are the things I like.  I have tried so many different products and I feel that these are the best.