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Sequence Saturday 3 – Pinkbike.com Mountain bike meet Tour de france

Sequence Saturday 3 – Pinkbike.com.


Teaching Your Wife to Mountain Bike

Ok Lets try this post again.  I got finished on the iPhone app last night and was looking up a word and then it froze.

Yesterday of was another amazing day in Phoenix and my wife Erin said she wanted to go Mountain Biking.  Wow!  She has gone about 3 or 4 time since she got the bike 3 years ago.  We decided on Pima and Dynamite which according to Cosmic Ray Fat Tire Mountain bike guide it is a “puck 2”.  Not too scary but it is a fun trail.  Erin now disagrees. Erin also used the F bomb like I have never heard before.

She fell twice.  That not bad at all considering how sandy and loose it is.  After the second fall where she got hurt she got mad and although appeared not to have fun she became a much improved rider.

Patience is the key to teaching your wife anything.  I do not have patience.  I think that I did very good though.  I complimented her anytime she did something hard.  I tried to just explain what she was doing wrong when things didn’t go so well.  When you are good at something that does not mean you are a good teach.  Although I think we had a successful day I am still not a good teacher.

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