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Skiing Amped

Check out the newest gadget for skiing.  Heads up display in you goggles.


What a Weekend

Saturday was awesome.  My friend Danny and I went to Sunrise Ski Resort.  It started off with a stop in Payson,AZ at McDonalds.  Let me tell you that the prices there are out of control.  I ordered a Sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit meal with a small OJ and it cost $8.50.  Are they crazy!  This is McDonalds.  After that stop we proceeded to Show Low where google maps instructed us to go 50 miles out of our way.

So after that we made our way to Sunrise and had a wonderful Day of Skiing. We had some great runs, great yard sales, and sore legs.

Yesterday we went looking for some new Coral for our reef tanks.  Didn’t get anything.  There is a place called The Ocean Floor in Phoenix.  STAY AWAY.  They put a coupon out for 50% off coral and didn’t even bother to clean the tanks.  WTF.  If you put out a coupon you are trying to bring in a large number of customers and your tank better look damn good.  I will never go back.  We then headed over to a great store Aquatouch where I looked for things to buy after Christmas.  This store is clean and the people are friendly.  It is pricey but you will get high quality items.

I was very disappointed last night with the Baltimore Ravens performance.  It was not even a game.  It was a good thing that I had bread pudding, ice cream and a White Russian to balance out my anger toward the poor performance.