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Gnar and Sun

This morning started with some nerve-racking but fun mountain biking. All was well until I got 2 flats in the first run. Then I was nervous that I was going to make the group wait. Everything in my body was shaking. Not from fear I have done Geronimo a few time and I am getting better and better. It was holding the group up that was screwing with my mind. Lucky for me I had 2 tubes. When I got to the bottom they had not even been waiting long because they were waiting for someone else. The next ride was national to 32nd street. I guess it’s not an official trail but it was great. Steep as shit but not very technical. I decides to call it because my front side wall was in bad shape and I didn’t want to pinch the tube.

After deciding I needed more of a workout I bought a speed stack and went to 24 hour Fitness.


Now I am dead and at the pool working on my tan and practicing relaxing. Erin says I can not relax it be quiet. I’ll have you know I have not opened my mouth for an hour!


Oh and I have to leave you with this, WTF


She will never get laid!


2 Bikes 1 Day

This morning my friend Ryan let me borrow his Ducati monster.  Bob and I went on a nice breakfast ride and had breakfast at Cave Creek Coffee Company aka C4.  C4 has the best coffee and chorizo breakfast burritos in Phoenix.  What an awesome feeling having an Italian machine back between my legs.  I can’t wait till I can go back to GOAZ and buy a new motorcycle.

Around 3 o’clock Drew and I got on the Gnar Gnar shuttle at South Mountain and started off riding Geronimo.   The 1st ride could have went better.  I broke my rear brake lever right at the beginning.

Luck for me there was still enough left to ride.  We then moved on to Holbert which is a chunky mess.  I did have to walk a few sections but overall it went great.  This was very encouraging.  We decided to do Geronimo one more time and it went much better.  We got to ride with Gene Hamilton from betterride.net.  What a pleasure he was a great down to earth guy.  No big crashes today.  Tomorrow back out on the cross-country trails.  I am loving this bike it does everything.


Our Super Bowl party was a successes.  I was a bad blogger and forgot to take pictures.  We had great food including: Lasagna, sushi, Enchiladas, and dips galore.  Did I also mention great beer and other drinks.  BTW I really like the new New Belgium beer DIG.  It is like an amber and IPA mix.Very Good!   I didn’t even get to see most of the second half.  Can’t imagine why!

Ouch.  My man Dan fell victim to National at South Mountain.  We were so close to the end and his front tire lost air and then this.  I swore he was going to have broken bones but I guess he has been drinking his milk!  I am very excited my new bike is scheduled to be here on Thursday.  I hope I don;t have to work on friday.  My bro will be here too so we will defiantly be taking it out for a spin.

Today I was a good house husband.  I reorganized the laundry closet and mounted the ironing board in there.  Now we won’t have to go into my brothers new room to iron.

I even vacuumed the carpets and clean the fish tank and turtle tank.