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Ride and Step Brother Interview

Great Ride in the heat yesterday followed by and encore ride this morning before work which was filled with monster hills up and down.  This is my favorite time of year in phoenix where it is nice and cool in the am and hot in the afternoon. I had the pleasure of seeing a tortoise.


I am finally down below 170lbs.  It has been a little challenge eating healthy and being on the road 4 days a week but I bring 4-5 meals with me as well as healthy snacks.  I am defiantly going to be cruise ready.  My goal is 165 or less before the cruise which is at the end of may. Time to enjoy a cup of Japanese green tea and get ready for work.


5K and Food

On Sunday I agreed to participate in the Optimism Run for Parkinson’s Disease 5K that my wife helped create.  I was joined by my friend Natalie who really ought to have a running blog because she is obsessed.

I placed 1st in my age group and 24th overall with a time of 20:48!  NICE!  This  was 2:30 faster than my goal.

Later I had to make dinner for myself because Erin was working.  I made the best fish sandwich I have ever had.  I grilled Snapper and some onions and pablano chilies, and put fresh tomatoes on top.  I also grilled up some asparagus to go with it.  It was amazing.

I think that a big part of eating healthy is learning to cook.  Erin has turned into a great chef and it has defiantly changed how much we go out and helped me getting into better shape.

On Track

I have now been on a strict workout regiment for the last 2 weeks.  I have been very consistent.  I have been lifting 3-4 times a week and doing cardio on most of the other days.  When I am at home in Phoenix I generally either run or go mountain biking with the occasional road bike ride.  I find doing cardio at the gym extremely boring and only do it as a last resort.  My wife OperationMeltdown has been finding a lot of new healthy meal ideas on the internet that actually taste very good.  You can find some of those recipes on her website.  The biggest problem for me is that I eat a lot.  Training for Ironman only made it even worse because I could eat any thing I wanted and not gain a pound.  After about a week and a half my appetite has come down a bit so it has been better.  So far I have lost about  4lbs in 2.5 weeks.

I found out today that I won a free coconut water contest from RunEatRepeat.  I love coconut water.  It is the perfect electrolyte drink.  It is low in calories and all natural.  One thing I hate about so many sports drinks is all the artificial ingredients. Some other great brands without artificial ingredients are Hammer Nutrition and Honey Stinger.  You must try the Stinger Waffles!

I also tried wasabi seaweed from Trader Joe’s today.

This was actually pretty good.  It is not going to fill you up but not bad.  You think my fish would like this? LOL  Time to relax goodnight.

Stress! and Fotoshop the Perfect Body

This week has been awesome. I am finally based where I live. I used to have to work out of Denver. I used to have to leave my house about 6 hours before work and then when I was finished try to fly home. Now I am based in Phoenix and drive 30 minutes. Even better I was on reserve 4 days this week and didn’t get called so I got paid to workout and have fun. This will all be great until I get my first check and it is much lower that before.

It is really hard to have a job where you are not on salary. Each month is different. In general my job is fairly consistent but others are not. I used to be a Personal Trainer and the fluctuation in pay was huge. The more the fluctuation the more stress. This was a big reason my wife got out of Personal Training too. Of coarse commission based jobs tend to make you work harder but the stress is a lot more.

I know I could never have another commission based job. I would rather make slightly less and have consistency. These jobs also create a lot of stress at home with the family. You can plan for bad months once in a while but what about bad economies?  Reducing stress will improve your life. Money is great but at what cost. I would take less money and less stress any day. High stress jobs will make you sick and then you will spend your money and free time in the hospital anyway.

What I am getting at is this year is a great time to lower your stress levels. Sometimes we have to make sacrifices to move up and get ahead but always remember to take care of yourself and try to make each day better and have less stress.  I know much easier said than done!

Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and fight depression.  When I was at one of the lowest points in my life I decided to train for Ironman Canada and what an amazing difference it made in the way I felt.  Get outside and get your Vitamin D.  Sunshine not only helps with depression but also prevents illness due to low vitamin D levels.  I have also included a video to help you look your best fast and relieve the stress from weight issues.  Enjoy


Fotoshop by Adobé from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.