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Jealous Women

I have been hearing more and more about jealous women.  One guy I know has a wife that refuses to let him watch porn. LOL.  This is so funny because now he probably watches more than he ever would have if she didn’t say anything.  Women there is no guy out there that doesn’t watch it and if there is you probably don’t want to be with him because he probably has no sex drive at all.  Porn should not offend you.  It is not meant to replace you and we do not watch it because there is something wrong with you (unless the relationship is horrible).  Oh and by the way many women watch it too.  However why don’t more women watch it? Probably because of the ugly ass men that are in it.

Next I have a friend who got some high-end, lets call them glamour shots done.  She posted a few classy ones on her Facebook page and had a friend tell her to take them down because she didn’t want her husband to see them.  These were fully clothed classy shots.  This girl either has a cheating husband or is extremely jealous.  Personally I would have told her to F off.  It is not my problem that I look better.

Can’t we all just get a long.

Guys that put up with women like this I am not sure if I feel bad for you or not.  On the one hand you probably knew about this from the beginning of your relationship in which case you could have said this is me take it or leave it.  On the other hand maybe you have been with her for a while and now all of a sudden she has turned into this jealous, possessive person (not likely).  My advice is to get out.  She either has a real self-esteem problem or doesn’t trust you!  Either way it’s all down hill unless you take some drastic measures.  I do think that you could save the relationship but it’s probably not worth it unless you are married and you make more money than her. LOL


THIS IS WHAT YOU SHOULD BE WAKING UP TO!  WTF HE IS SLEEPING THROUGH THIS!  Women this is how you lower the porn watching!


Choosing a Woman

I heard a story over Christmas about a guy that got his girlfriend a Tiffany’s necklace for her birthday.  This was only after a few months. For Christmas this wonderful person asked for a Michael Kors bag.  He said that it was not going to be possible because times are a bit tough.  Her response was then you can take me shopping and pay me back when you get the $$$$$.  WTF

First don’t buy anyone Tiffany’s as a first gift.  They will expect more and more.  Second, choose wisely.  This is a grown ass woman and her “Daddy” is still picking up her laundry and doing it every week.  Soiled brats will always be spoiled brats!

Let me help you decide if she is right for you.

1.  Pick an attractive woman with a nice booty.  If you are not attracted to them it will not matter how nice they are.

2. Meet her parents!  If you don’t like them you probably will not like her in the long run.  Yes, there are exceptions but its rare and you will have to hang out with the parents anyway.

3.  Meet her friends.  Peoples friends generally have a lot of similarities to themselves.

4. If she passes all of these test then you can start speaking to her.

This is the best order.  Although it will never happen this way, it is ideal.  She is going to put on a show for the first few months and these other people will not.  Basically what I am saying is if you like her do steps 2 and 3 asap.  If you hate her parents and/or friends get out early.

5. Check to make sure she does not watch Jersey Shore

6. Make sure you have things in common.  Yes, its important that she like sex, a lot of sex but it’s also important like they like things that take more than 5 minutes.  Camping, running, biking, tennis, etc.

7. Make sure she has a job!

8. Make sure she is smart but not too smart.  Talking to a wall gets old after a while.  Listening to an encyclopedia on tape gets old too.

9. Make sure they like staying in shape, but if she does you owe it to her to stay in shape too!!!  No fair telling her to stay in shape while you can’t see your toes.

10. If you’re not happy with the answers to the above find a new girlfriend and repeat.

Did You Just Look at My Chest?

I found this yesterday from a friend on twitter. You know women wear these low cut tops and then get mad when you stare at their boobs. This video says it all. Women if you don’t want us to look, cover up! We are instinctively programed to look at them. Just take it as a compliment. Please Comment!!!!!!!


Gifts for Your Woman

Best Gifts for your Woman:

You-Without you she wouldn’t get any gift.  You offer a lot, mostly sex!

Lingerie-Victoia’s Secret has done wonders for us.  You can get her lingerie that turns you on and she still thinks its a great gift for her.  Also they put on a great fashion show that some how we are allowed to watch no questions asked. Don’t forget Frederick’s of Hollywood.

Hatachi Magic Wand- Best vibrator or “messager” ever made.

Icebreaker Workout Clothing- These garments are made of extremely soft Merino Wool.  They have something for everyone on your list.  I have several pieces from them and love it all.

Yoga- This is another great gift that benefits you as much as her.  Think about it.  You give her 30 days of yoga and you get back a highly flexible women.  Think of what you could do with that.  Actually might want to get 3 months to make sure you get a good return on investment.

iPad- how can you go wrong.  No matter what she wants “there is an app for that”.