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Shake Weight? Maybe!

Here are some great YouTube videos for you to enjoy.


Signed Off for Another Year

I just got home from recurrent training in Salt Lake City.  This is a 3 day event once a year that is nerve-racking because your job depends on it.  It went very smoothly due to a great Captain Simulator partner.  It’s basically 1 day of ground training and 2 days on Simulator training and evaluation.  After we passed we went to the locale bar to have a celebration drink.  Unfortunately the kitchen was closed but they offered chips and salsa.  They were really good chips and salsa.  I was so tiered that I went straight to sleep and didn’t even remember to brush my teeth.  This morning after brushing I spit into the sink and it was red.  I was like WTF.  It was the red food coloring the chips.  That is discussing.  We don’t need food coloring in anything especially tortilla chips.

I got home early and although I was exhausted I managed to go to the gym and then go out and read by the pool for a bit.  Here is a review of the NEW Muscle Milk Cake Batter ready to drink recovery drink.

I am now relaxing on the couch watching the Travel channel and looking forward to some beverages and hanging out with friends tonight.

Ducati Factory

Motion Controlled Thermostats

Sorry I am so quiet but it was so early I couldn’t give this movie my all.

So in summary WTF. I mean it is possible that I had 2 broken motion sensors in 1 day I guess.  How, much money could these things save?  If you sleep for 8 hours than they have to stay on for at least 8 hours before shutting off.  I guess in a really slow hotel they could save some money but not in a busy one.  I mean I tried everything to get this thing to work.  If the sensor fails it should not fail in the off mode.  How designs this crap.  I am all for being green but just have the cleaning lady turn the temp down.