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Cruise and Life Podcast

Lastest podcast about my cruise as well as some other life comedy

Podcast 6/17/2012


Hotel Toilets and Where is the Plunger

Ok most Hotels have strong toilets that will pull down just about anything.  That being said I’m at the Comfort Suites Salt Lake City airport and the toilet here can’t flush more than 2 handfuls of toilet paper.  First of all your toilet paper is that thin stuff that is worthless so I have to use twice as much. The toilet gets clogged no matter what. So where the hell is the damn PLUNGER.  Why is it that we can not have a plunger.  I was able to correct the problem with out one but wouldn’t this fix this problem?  Why do I have to call down and have someone come up to my room and see this prize piece of shit.  Just give each room a plunger.