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Japanese Vending Machines

In Japan there is really nothing that you can not find in a vending machine.  You can buy almost any kind of food from noodles to Kobe beef.  The drink selection is absolutely amazing.  You can get everything from green tea to Coke to hot or cold coffee to juice all in the same machine.  I loved buying the hot coffee cans.  Best of all you can get beer!  Vending machines are everywhere because unlike the US Japanese citizens do not vandalize and steel everything that is outside.  What a concept!

One vending machine that I just found out about that even to me is a bit gross is women’s used underwear.  Now I am probably hornier than average and I just can’t figure this out.  I mean I know they put an amazingly hot girl on the box but do you really think she it the girl who wore them?  It’s probably like phone sex.  She may sound amazing but she weighs a good 350 with facial hair and hasn’t taken a shower in a week.  At about $50 that is a big risk.  I would love this job though.  I mean you prob get free underwear and then a pay check when you turn your underwear in at the end of the week.  If any of you want a pair of let me know I will do a pair for $30.  Below is a video of these vending machines.

Girls Panty Vending Machine in Japan! – Watch More Funny Videos



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