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Electric Motorcycles

I recently needed to sell my pride and joy, a Ducati 848 motorcycle.

That bike was absolutely amazing.  When I saw it at the dealership I was instantly sold.  It was 1.5 years old in mint conditions with carbon pipes.  It’s a Ducati do I even need to tell you how it sounded when I started it up?  There is no better sound!  It was loud but not obnoxious, well maybe a little LOL.  No matter what motorcycle you have the sound of starting it up and the smell of the toxic fumes are part of the experience.  Riding in the mountains and coming out of a corner with a 1000 foot cliff on one side and opening the throttle is the ultimate feeling.  It’s the combination of the low growl, vibration, and acceleration.  Can you imagine turning that corner twisting the throttle and hearing silence?  I realize that gas is expensive and we need to be green but I can not imagine riding an electric motorcycle.  No fumes and no noise just complete silence.  What are your thoughts?  Has anyone tried one?  I know my next bike is still going to run on high-octane CO2 producing gas!


LAX Run to the Beach and Back

Great run this morning to the beach in L.A. I have been slacking on my workout routines and finally checked the mirror and was not happy. After running 4 miles last night I decided I was going to run to the beach this morning which was a 7.5 mile round trip. 11.5 miles in the last 18 hours. Although it was a 3.5 mile jump with no rest I felt great. For some reason people were staring at me in their cars. I think it was because I was running on a road with no shoulder part of the time but thats the way to the beach so what am I supposed to do. I have to say I used to hate running and although I think it takes awhile before you start to like it, it can really be amazing. Running almost always puts me in a good mood. Sometimes I am in a bad mood because I have to run but when I am finished I am always happy.

The Fun of Holiday Travel

There are so many people at the airport!  The crowds are crazy.  The good thing for you as a passenger is that there are also bars.  As a Pilot I have to deal with all of the craziness sober but not you.  First thing first.  Check in at home and try not to bring bags to check.  This will get rid of one line.  Next head to security and wear nice underwear because you will have to strip down to it.  After you get dressed and get that HOT 300 pound man with the skin tight pants that just felt you up out of your mind head to the bar.  This will help to cope with the crowds out people that instantly turn into idiots when they get to the airport.  Do not ask flight crews where your gate is! We have no idea.  The door to you flight will close 10 min early.  I think gate agents get whipped if a plane is 30 sec late, so they will not open the door even if their life depends on it.  If the door to the gate is closed sorry.  Remember if you have a problem unless you are on Southwest the gate agent doesn’t give a shit.  She wants you to go back to the bar and miss you flight.  You are just another person that could delay the flight and she will get beat again with a leather whip or something.  Do not schedule a 30 min connection because you will miss it and flights are full and the gate agent hate you so you will never get to your destination.  At least if you do miss your flight there will probably be good people watching.

If you actually get on a fight this is a good start.  Now you have to deal with the flight attendants that could be your great Grandmother.  If you get on most airlines they don’t like you or themselves.  They hate life and especially their jobs.  You will have better luck on a regional airline of Southwest.  If on United, GET OFF!  you have no shot at a pleasant flight attendant.  On the plane I would suggest more booze so that you can sleep and don’t have to deal with the B.S. For for your own well being don’t order some crazy drink with 3 juices and 4 liquors.  You will get your throat slit and somehow the cops will be at the gate for you and not the paramedics.  Hope that all of this information helps.  Safe Travels!