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New Year Resolutions and Video of an Awesome Dog

Well tomorrow is New Years Eve.  Next year the world is coming to an end (LOL) so this year your resolutions have to be amazing.  So the normal resolution is to get in shape and most people work really hard at this for about a week and the dedicated people last 2 weeks.

This guy exercises and meditates at the same time

So how is this year going to be different.  I used to be a Personal Trainer and I am still very much into fitness.  The key is to have fun.  Going to the gym will not alone get you fit.  You have to know what you are doing and you have to enjoy it.  This may take time because in the beginning it will hurt and you will suffer a bit.  If you do not like the gym then don’t go!  There are plenty other things you can do: biking, running, swimming, soccer, tennis, cross-country skiing, etc.  The best thing you can do is sign up for a race or tournament that way you will hold yourself accountable.  Also if possible get a coach or personal trainer.  Also there are great apps that can help you such as all sport GPSFitDeck, and Livestrong MyPlate.

So what else are you going to do.  I mean now you are going to look good and feel good so what are you going to do!  For some of you, you need to stop being scared of life and get out the and enjoy it.  “If you risk nothing, you risk everything.” (Geena Davis)  Some people won’t go biking because they might get hurt, some will not go sky diving or scuba diving for the same reason.  Yea I know you have a family that depends on you but that’s what insurance is for, use it.  Watching your life pass you by will kill you faster than any activity, well base jumping might kill you faster so if you have a family you probably shouldn’t do it but you get my point have fun and take risks.

Next year is new opportunity.  Have fun!

Great Video of a guy downhilling with his dog

Lastly, I will leave you with a quote.  

“I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university.”
― Albert Einstein

We all forget this sometimes but one day that garbage man might be your boss.  We all have to start somewhere and we all have set backs and that garbage man has great potential.  We are all equal and sometimes it is a very small gesture that makes your life turn from ordinary to extraordinary.  



Flu shots are pointless

Flu shots are pointless.

via Flu shots are pointless.


I woke up this morning and for some reason I was watching HSN (Home Shopping Network).  These sales people were trying to sell a rechargeable fluorescent light for 15 minutes.  They had to just keep repeating what they said over and over.  Then a woman was selling rejuvenating cream and they had before and after pictures.  The before picture looked better than the after.  In the after picture the woman looked jaundice.  Lastly, they are selling an electric snowblower.  Its such a piece of crap.  It doesn’t go continuously threw the snow.  If you get a big snow you better get the shovel because this thing probably could not move more than 2 inches. My advice never watch this channel for anything other than amusement.

Chilling a Coke or Beer in 2 Minutes

We have all bought some beer and were upset it wasn’t already refrigerated.  Now here is the key to getting it cold fast!

LAX Run to the Beach and Back

Great run this morning to the beach in L.A. I have been slacking on my workout routines and finally checked the mirror and was not happy. After running 4 miles last night I decided I was going to run to the beach this morning which was a 7.5 mile round trip. 11.5 miles in the last 18 hours. Although it was a 3.5 mile jump with no rest I felt great. For some reason people were staring at me in their cars. I think it was because I was running on a road with no shoulder part of the time but thats the way to the beach so what am I supposed to do. I have to say I used to hate running and although I think it takes awhile before you start to like it, it can really be amazing. Running almost always puts me in a good mood. Sometimes I am in a bad mood because I have to run but when I am finished I am always happy.

Getting the Butt You Always Wanted by Watching the Butt You Always Wanted

Wash Yo Damn Nuts


Choosing a Woman

I heard a story over Christmas about a guy that got his girlfriend a Tiffany’s necklace for her birthday.  This was only after a few months. For Christmas this wonderful person asked for a Michael Kors bag.  He said that it was not going to be possible because times are a bit tough.  Her response was then you can take me shopping and pay me back when you get the $$$$$.  WTF

First don’t buy anyone Tiffany’s as a first gift.  They will expect more and more.  Second, choose wisely.  This is a grown ass woman and her “Daddy” is still picking up her laundry and doing it every week.  Soiled brats will always be spoiled brats!

Let me help you decide if she is right for you.

1.  Pick an attractive woman with a nice booty.  If you are not attracted to them it will not matter how nice they are.

2. Meet her parents!  If you don’t like them you probably will not like her in the long run.  Yes, there are exceptions but its rare and you will have to hang out with the parents anyway.

3.  Meet her friends.  Peoples friends generally have a lot of similarities to themselves.

4. If she passes all of these test then you can start speaking to her.

This is the best order.  Although it will never happen this way, it is ideal.  She is going to put on a show for the first few months and these other people will not.  Basically what I am saying is if you like her do steps 2 and 3 asap.  If you hate her parents and/or friends get out early.

5. Check to make sure she does not watch Jersey Shore

6. Make sure you have things in common.  Yes, its important that she like sex, a lot of sex but it’s also important like they like things that take more than 5 minutes.  Camping, running, biking, tennis, etc.

7. Make sure she has a job!

8. Make sure she is smart but not too smart.  Talking to a wall gets old after a while.  Listening to an encyclopedia on tape gets old too.

9. Make sure they like staying in shape, but if she does you owe it to her to stay in shape too!!!  No fair telling her to stay in shape while you can’t see your toes.

10. If you’re not happy with the answers to the above find a new girlfriend and repeat.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah

Have a wonderful holiday.

The Fun of Holiday Travel

There are so many people at the airport!  The crowds are crazy.  The good thing for you as a passenger is that there are also bars.  As a Pilot I have to deal with all of the craziness sober but not you.  First thing first.  Check in at home and try not to bring bags to check.  This will get rid of one line.  Next head to security and wear nice underwear because you will have to strip down to it.  After you get dressed and get that HOT 300 pound man with the skin tight pants that just felt you up out of your mind head to the bar.  This will help to cope with the crowds out people that instantly turn into idiots when they get to the airport.  Do not ask flight crews where your gate is! We have no idea.  The door to you flight will close 10 min early.  I think gate agents get whipped if a plane is 30 sec late, so they will not open the door even if their life depends on it.  If the door to the gate is closed sorry.  Remember if you have a problem unless you are on Southwest the gate agent doesn’t give a shit.  She wants you to go back to the bar and miss you flight.  You are just another person that could delay the flight and she will get beat again with a leather whip or something.  Do not schedule a 30 min connection because you will miss it and flights are full and the gate agent hate you so you will never get to your destination.  At least if you do miss your flight there will probably be good people watching.

If you actually get on a fight this is a good start.  Now you have to deal with the flight attendants that could be your great Grandmother.  If you get on most airlines they don’t like you or themselves.  They hate life and especially their jobs.  You will have better luck on a regional airline of Southwest.  If on United, GET OFF!  you have no shot at a pleasant flight attendant.  On the plane I would suggest more booze so that you can sleep and don’t have to deal with the B.S. For for your own well being don’t order some crazy drink with 3 juices and 4 liquors.  You will get your throat slit and somehow the cops will be at the gate for you and not the paramedics.  Hope that all of this information helps.  Safe Travels!