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Shake Weight? Maybe!

Here are some great YouTube videos for you to enjoy.


Octomom Porn Video

Octomom is going to do a porn video. I am not sure what to think about this. I mean she is looking good in this picture I got from the “Huffington Post”

What are your thoughts on this.  Are you going to watch it?  I am if I can get it free just because I am curious but I wouldn’t buy it for sure.

How To Identify a Slipery Dick


Niner Rip 9 Review and Drew’s first Phoenix Ride

This bike is amazing.  This is a true MAN bike.  You can do everything.  It climbs and descends.  With some full suspension bikes you pay big dividends in climbing but not with the Niner.  Niner only makes 29er bike so they have the geometry dialed in.  No it’s not carbon but it won’t crack like carbon either.  I am so happy I didn’t get the Specialized Stumpjumper.  Don’t get me wrong that was a good bike but this is amazing.

It was awesome getting to ride again with my bro.  Who would have known he would turn into a great technical rider.  Can’t wait to take him to S. mountain.  That should be a great welcome to phoenix MF.  Actually he will probably be able to teach me a thing or two there.

Signed Off for Another Year

I just got home from recurrent training in Salt Lake City.  This is a 3 day event once a year that is nerve-racking because your job depends on it.  It went very smoothly due to a great Captain Simulator partner.  It’s basically 1 day of ground training and 2 days on Simulator training and evaluation.  After we passed we went to the locale bar to have a celebration drink.  Unfortunately the kitchen was closed but they offered chips and salsa.  They were really good chips and salsa.  I was so tiered that I went straight to sleep and didn’t even remember to brush my teeth.  This morning after brushing I spit into the sink and it was red.  I was like WTF.  It was the red food coloring the chips.  That is discussing.  We don’t need food coloring in anything especially tortilla chips.

I got home early and although I was exhausted I managed to go to the gym and then go out and read by the pool for a bit.  Here is a review of the NEW Muscle Milk Cake Batter ready to drink recovery drink.

I am now relaxing on the couch watching the Travel channel and looking forward to some beverages and hanging out with friends tonight.

Jealous Women

I have been hearing more and more about jealous women.  One guy I know has a wife that refuses to let him watch porn. LOL.  This is so funny because now he probably watches more than he ever would have if she didn’t say anything.  Women there is no guy out there that doesn’t watch it and if there is you probably don’t want to be with him because he probably has no sex drive at all.  Porn should not offend you.  It is not meant to replace you and we do not watch it because there is something wrong with you (unless the relationship is horrible).  Oh and by the way many women watch it too.  However why don’t more women watch it? Probably because of the ugly ass men that are in it.

Next I have a friend who got some high-end, lets call them glamour shots done.  She posted a few classy ones on her Facebook page and had a friend tell her to take them down because she didn’t want her husband to see them.  These were fully clothed classy shots.  This girl either has a cheating husband or is extremely jealous.  Personally I would have told her to F off.  It is not my problem that I look better.

Can’t we all just get a long.

Guys that put up with women like this I am not sure if I feel bad for you or not.  On the one hand you probably knew about this from the beginning of your relationship in which case you could have said this is me take it or leave it.  On the other hand maybe you have been with her for a while and now all of a sudden she has turned into this jealous, possessive person (not likely).  My advice is to get out.  She either has a real self-esteem problem or doesn’t trust you!  Either way it’s all down hill unless you take some drastic measures.  I do think that you could save the relationship but it’s probably not worth it unless you are married and you make more money than her. LOL


THIS IS WHAT YOU SHOULD BE WAKING UP TO!  WTF HE IS SLEEPING THROUGH THIS!  Women this is how you lower the porn watching!

Forever Lazy

First there was the Snuggie.  Now here is something even better.  At first I didn’t even think this was real.


Chilling a Coke or Beer in 2 Minutes

We have all bought some beer and were upset it wasn’t already refrigerated.  Now here is the key to getting it cold fast!

LAX Run to the Beach and Back

Great run this morning to the beach in L.A. I have been slacking on my workout routines and finally checked the mirror and was not happy. After running 4 miles last night I decided I was going to run to the beach this morning which was a 7.5 mile round trip. 11.5 miles in the last 18 hours. Although it was a 3.5 mile jump with no rest I felt great. For some reason people were staring at me in their cars. I think it was because I was running on a road with no shoulder part of the time but thats the way to the beach so what am I supposed to do. I have to say I used to hate running and although I think it takes awhile before you start to like it, it can really be amazing. Running almost always puts me in a good mood. Sometimes I am in a bad mood because I have to run but when I am finished I am always happy.

Wash Yo Damn Nuts